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Walking into Selcuk Gallery is a once in a blue moon journey through mesmerizing reds, imperial blues and effervescent gold. It is an exploration of geometry, proportion, symmetry and harmony, through the lands and cultures of ancient places and centruies-old craftsmanship.We have a wide selection of both fine antique and new rugs, in both oversize and unusual shapes. They are all individually hand-picked through the perspective of quality and authenticity.Many world know designs such as Hereke, Ottoman, Oushaks, Mahals, Handji Jallis, Avshars, very special and rare Anatolian and Caucasian nomadic samples and many more styles are to accentuate any home.While antiques and contemporary wool rugs represent a collective creation of centuries in this wide and unique selection, exceptionally fine Hereke silk rugs stand out to be the most respected samples of exquisite artistry and metricalous craftsmanship. Hand-made carpet is an art; moreover it`s an ancient and traditional form of art. To bring up a dramatic genuine collection together is not part of this art; is rather an everlasting passion that rises on knowledge and a certain experience distilled in time. With over 30 years of experience in the Grand Bazaar and over 80 years of manufacturing experience which is mostly identified with being a traditional school for most traditional crafts, every piece we add to our selection is purchased on a strict search authenticity and an aesthetic balance. We seek out the finest weavers, the highest quality wool and the most skilled dye masters. We travel in the country on a regular basis visiting the remote villages, observing nomads weaving in their tents and the prestigious work-shops where we purchase directly from artisans. At our 3 locations in the Grand Bazaar, from novices in the head every member of our team is dedicated to achieve the best service working together in a harmonized discipline. We like to respond every unique challenge and aesthetic needs of every client to help them make their best choices. In addition, since we believe the best form of advertisement is word of month we are further concerned about the quality of time that we can offer you in our refined yet cozy atmosphere. Thank you for your interest in the past and future. Selcuk Rug Gallery is a premier source of new and antique, one of kind hand-woven rugs located in the historical Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. We offer a selective group of distinguished antique rugs in board range of styles from the primateive weavings of the Kazak Tribe of Northern Caucasus of the most intricate and finely woven; you will explore a gentle blend of ancient traditions and modern weaving artistry within each of the Hereke, Oushak and Tabriz carpets of the oriental culture, as well as a great variety of exceptional contemporary samples such as Hand-Spun wool, natural dyes, nimble fingers and witty designs. Our friendly experienced staff is proud to respond to the unique challenges and aesthetic needs of each client from those purchasing asingle rug to experienced designers creating large collections. We are a professional team to obtain virtually any rug to satisfy any style.

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Beyazıt Mh. Kapalıçarşı

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